“So much of our life is lived in a fog of automatic habitual behaviour.

We spend so much time on the hunt, but nothing ever quite does it for us. And we get so wrapped in the hunt. That it kind of makes us miserable.

At a time in the West. Where people are experiencing the best standard of living. In history, why is it that at the same time, there is such a longing for more. Biologically-based delusional craving, that auto-craving is a good strategy to keep animals alive, including early human animals, in really harsh conditions, but these days, today, it creates a disconnect. You’re like a puppet. Who’s strings are being pulled by Mother Nature and evolution reaching back tens of millions of years.

We still feel restless. We still are always scratching the coin for more.

This illusion that our lives should be perfect. It’s natural to use other people’s lives, and even imagined lives, you know, the confections we see in advertisements as a yardstick. You open vanity fair or a popular insta feed, and you see very sexy and glamorous lives. And then the projects for most people seems to become how can I get that or as close to that as I’m going to get? There can be an immense amount of dissatisfaction tryin to live that way. Advertisement has polluted and infiltrated culture. They want us to believe that you really need these things.

Crap that we don’t need.

Every year that passes there’s more stimuli. There’s more pressure, there’s more options. There’s more media, there’s more noise. Noise. Noise. And by streamlining, and simplifying, and just letting people know that they have the option, It’s that wake up call that is really valuable in a very critical time right now.

As a minimalist every possession serves a purpose, or brings me joy.

There’s a template out there, whatever you want to call it. Thats just a template, it’s not THE template. And once we realize that, we can create our own template that works just for us.

This life is going to be mine. And it’s going to be wildly, flamboyantly my life.

Be dedicated. Creative, Innovative. A sincere desire for mankind, the very people who the wolves of Wall Street fear.

A value based ideal. You want to do the most amount of good. And the most amount of value with exactly what you need. Having to little is not going to give you that. And having to much is not going to give you that. Right?

Having that balance, having enough, That’s what you’re looking for.

Ask yourself. Is this adding value?”